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Not Swept Away

In Uncategorized on March 11, 2011 at 4:53 pm

Today I sit in the middle of a serious emotional flashback.

I woke up, like the rest of the world, to hear the devastating news of the 8.9 earthquake that hit Japan. Living in California, a stone’s throw away from a fault line or two, there are no words to encompass everything that churned inside of me as I heard the news unfold.  Then it hit me, an earthquake half way around the world was triggering tsunami warnings up and down the west coast.

Living in Oakland and working in San Francisco, put me in the warning zone and instantly I was taken back to August 24, 1992 and the hurricane that I lived through, the day that changed EVERYTHING in my life.

Infrared image of Andrew making landfall in Florida


It was all too familiar. A beautiful clear day and thousands of miles of away there was something coming my way that I could not stop and I could not avoid. As the waves began to hit Hawaii,  the local news stated that there was probably nothing to worry about. There was no evacuation order issued for where I live but I couldn’t bring myself to leave my house so I hung out at home a bit longer, waiting out the warning.

My heart weeps for the people in Japan who are trying to get to safety, who are trying to comprehend the day that will change everything. I know, first hand, what they face in terms of rebuilding their lives, their homes, their sense of security. Even though my day remained beautiful and I was spared, I sit in the emotion of the day and try not to let it sweep me away.

  1. Glad you are safe Valerie!

  2. my heart is with you dear friend. it is a very tough place to be in. sending you lot of love.

  3. wow – I can’t even imagine what kinds of emotions must have been coming to the surface for you. And still probably are… thinking of you!

  4. wow valerie… i cannot even imagine. we had to evacuate our home in the LA fire. but the human calamity was no where near what japan and others have felt in mother nature’s power. i cannot imagine experiencing that first hand. sending love to you as you recall your own memories… as this tragedy continues to play itself out. much love xo

  5. Oh, Valerie. I can only imagine how it feels to recall those memories. Sending love to you.

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