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Scenes from a Weekend: The Plunge Edition

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Last Saturday I was lucky enough to experience The Plunge One Day Retreat lead by Karen Maezen Miller. The retreat took place on a picture perfect California day at the Asilomar Retreat Center on the edge of Pacific Ocean.

Unknowingly, before she even began, she took away from me one of my favorite ways to keep myself at arms distance, to stay on the edges… taking notes. In the materials she sent out she mentioned that there would be no need for paper and pen, instead we would simply be present with whatever happened.

In the loveliness of the day there was this.






the breath spiritualized what is happening right now.

no judgment


things change.

forgiveness is peace.

peace is practice.

love is attention.

attention is breath.

letting go is faith.

faith is patience.

trust your life.

Trust your life, indeed.


Today, you can find me over here

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It is my great pleasure to have written a guest post for the blog of one of my favorite people.

Talk about inspiration…my friend Vivienne McMaster, sweet soul and goddess of photographic self-portraiture, is in the midst of a 14 day self love fest. If you haven’t joined her in the celebration of all things you, I suggest you check it out because who better to celebrate than YOU?


In Inspiration on February 6, 2011 at 9:33 pm

I have been a bit quiet here, thinking of what pieces of my world to share.  In my life away from this space I have been standing, heart wide open, drinking in bits of inspiration from here and there.  Sometimes it is simply too juicy to keep all to myself so I have decided to bring bits here to you.

You can see my first “official”  inspirations here and here.

A few mornings ago, I read this post by Karen Maezen Miller. It got me to thinking and thinking and thinking and then suddenly, I swear, I felt the lightbulb go off over my head and I literally ran to my journal and wrote this phrase:

Being me requires seeing me.

Do you get it?

Being me requires seeing me.

Karen’s post is about her issues with the word authenticity. She writes about how we actually don’t need to strive to be authentic or live an authentic life because we already are.  Authenticity isn’t something that can be lacking, it is not something you either have or don’t have, it simply is. Now, I am a woman who loves a good self-help book and who has been known to try to live a different life other than my own. I am sure that I have said to myself on more than one occasion, I want to live an authentic life, so the unexpectedness of Karen’s words shifted something enough for me to see me.

“What I like to remind people is that authenticity is just a word. It is a word for what you already are. Never let anyone lecture you about what authenticity means, or how to have more of it. You have it in abundant supply. You just don’t believe it.”

I am living an authentic life?

I just wasn’t believing it.


Dashing down the hallway toward my journal, I began asking myself, if I have been living my authentic life, how did I not notice? How did I miss it?

This is what brought me to my lightbulb moment and the phrase, “Being me requires seeing me.”  What I got was that I wasn’t bothering to see me in my own world.  I wasn’t present in my life enough to notice. I was so busy doing things, buying things, de-cluttering things, going places, reading self help books that I forgot there was even a me.

In that moment I stepped up and into being me.

Ain’t inspiration grand?

Wow, I needed to hear that…

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This video by Dyana Valentine is simply rocking my lil’ corner of the world this morning.


Because we all need a little reminder every now and then…

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Courtesy of Karen Walrond at Chookooloonks.com.