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Finding My Way HOME

In Uncategorized on January 10, 2011 at 8:15 am

The decision was made months ago, the excitement rising as the calendar edged closer and closer to a new year, a new beginning, a fresh start for what feels like the entire world. My choice of word for 2011 is home.

The choice was easy. In the space of the last two years I have been to Hawaii, Montana, Seattle, Watsonville (CA), Vancouver (Canada), Florence (Italy), Oregon (twice) and Florida (twice). I have taken a helicopter ride and ridden in a submarine, I have been on horseback and claimed myself a goddess, I have faced some issues and learned to befriend myself, I have painted and written with creative inspirations and connected deeply with friends. I am expanding my definition of work as I am creating a new business and am learning to start open.

The choice of my word is me deciding it was time to stop moving for a bit and to come back home. It is time to come back to myself.

A couple of months ago,  I began to brainstorm the word, trying it on for size, asking myself what does HOME even mean?

Part of it is certainly about the classic definition of home – the place or a place where one lives. I have literally lived on the edge of a construction zone since September 2009

The door on the left is my front door.

and as the last of the work in the shared yard is being complete (fingered crossed this month) my surroundings will be a deep comfort zone again. Yet the word HOME, for me, represents so much more.

So, I went to the dictionary and delighted in these phrases:

~a place dear to one

~the place where something is invented, founded or developed

~one’s own ground

~an area where player is safe

~a place where one can be at ease

~definitely safe or successful

~concerning one deeply

~to return home accurately from a distance

~to direct or be directed onto a point or target

~to be directed towards a goal

The last two years has been about collecting wisdom and inspiration from what the world and by those that I deeply admire. It has been about having experiences and adventures and now it feels like it is the time to allow this massive, jumbled mix of goodness to churn and deepen and sink in to my being. It is about finding my own ground, a place deep within me.

It is time for finding my way home… to me…

  1. Wow! This is a powerful and amazing post,Valerie. Your face came alive to me as I read. So full of your truth and your “seeker” self. Home. Yes!

  2. Ahhhhh. *letting the idea of home sink in*

    Sending you so much love as you settle in to yourself.

  3. good word. don’t you love the ebbs and flows of life? Some years I am deep into something, pursuing an activity, and another year I’m not. It used to upset me – and make me think that I’ve lost it, or I’m not as dedicated as I was before – but I’m getting better at realizing that’s just the cycle of life. Last year was your year of travel it seems, and this year is your year for home. I love how grounded you sound.

  4. i love this word. i love the inspiration and the depths that it comes from. i love you dear valerie.

  5. […] word for 2011 is home. The word chose me, mostly out of self preservation, as I had been doing too much, taking on too […]

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