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Scenes from A Weekend: The Unfurl Edition

In Uncategorized on November 24, 2010 at 7:41 pm

This past weekend I went away to a beautiful beach house on the Oregon Coast to reconnect with 13 amazing women.

There was time to look out on to the ocean and be soothed by rhythm of the waves.

There was time for laughing and making art together, each set of hands adding her own special touch.

There was time for loving up friends who live far away,

time for dreaming,

time for finding hidden messages that felt meant just for me,

time for sharing words that touched and sometimes moved me to tears.

There was time for afternoon photo walks in the community of friends.

time for vibrant sunsets,

and magical moon risings,

time for pure joy and absolute fun.

I offer big love and sincere gratitude to the scarf sisters who shared this special time with me and who allowed me to show up and be seen just as I am. I also send big love to the scarf sisters who could not make it to Unfurl but whose presence was felt with each hug shared.


  1. I LOVE THIS!!!

    i love looking at every image and reading each word that dances amongst it.

    i felt all of your love….it was amazing!!!!

    loving you and sending you giant squeezes

  2. such love. my heart is so full. love you! and i cherish our time together. you are a treasure and am so thankful for you! xoxo

  3. Ahhhh. It feels like I am still there.

    Loving this. Loving that I got to see you again.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. this post made my heart smile wide. I cannot wait to hear more about it soon. My heart felt like it was there even though I physically wasn’t there. Your photos are stunning and take me right back to that house. Thank you!

  5. Valerie, every image brought me right back. What a beautiful summary you have put together here….. sigh…. love you, my friend.

  6. valerie…this post was beautiful. just like you! thank you so much for sharing it. i am so grateful that you all were able to breath one another in and REST and CREATE and ENJOY!
    love you scarf sister.

  7. Just had a chance to catch up on you blog. Not only do I love this post & long to be back there again, but I love your contemplative, introspective & thoughtfull writing in all your posts! Oh, and I LOVE this picture of you laughing doing your self portraits – wasn’t that fun! 🙂

  8. […] had the pleasure of going back to the Oregon Coast for a Be Present Retreat reunion. It was so soothing to find myself nestled in a familiar beach […]

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