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A funny thing happened on my way to peace…

In Uncategorized on July 14, 2010 at 7:07 pm

Back in May, I had the distinct privilege to participate in the Women, Food and God 6 day retreat. I had signed up before I read the current New York Times bestselling book, before Geneen Roth‘s TWO recent appearances on Oprah, before it became a “thing.” Don’t get me wrong, her work completely deserves to be a “thing,” it deserves to be widely read and highly regarded and quite honestly, if I were a person who was inclined to seek a guru, a master teacher at whose feet I would happily throw myself in study, it would be Geneen Roth. I have read and reread all of her books, hand over heart, marveling at how she was able to speak so globally about things that feel so unique and singular to me.

I have been reluctant to write about that experience here or even in my personal journal. It feels like this delicate butterfly that has flown into my space and instead of trying to grasp at it clumsily, I am standing still and allowing it to flutter about me, just happy to have had the chance to experience such incredible internal peace. As it flutters and floats about, I have noticed the places where it lands, where it settles within my being. Today that place is all about rest. A funny thing happened on my way to peace and understanding about my relationship with food and in turn, myself. I finally slowed down long enough to notice that I was exhausted and needed rest.

One of Geneen Roth’s eating guidelines is “eat what your body wants.” Such complex simplicity hidden within those five words. I have spent the last few weeks merely asking “What does my body want to eat?” Sometimes the answer is clear and “healthy” like homemade beans and brown rice with steamed fresh broccoli. Sometimes the answer is clear and less “healthy” like a morning bun from the local french bakery. In this time of rest and restoration, I am finding some peace as all of my choices are heard and welcomed, my mind shifting as I stop to rest and listen.