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Looking back at me

In Uncategorized on June 11, 2010 at 5:07 pm

They say that the people in our lives are mirrors. For good or for bad, they reflect parts of ourselves. Yesterday, I was forced to confront a part of myself and what I saw looking back at me was not something I liked and it unsettled me.

I have decided to let go of the story. You know the story, all of those specific juicy details of who did what and what happened in return. All of the static keeps me trapped in the cyclone of negative emotion. That I have decided to let go because it simply doesn’t matter (though yesterday I was more than willing to get angry, to cry, to be sullen, to reject, to wallow and be completely miserable).

What matters most, what is truly important to me today is to just sit with that darker part of myself.

It is not an easy task, to focus on a part of my personality that I would much rather pretend did not exist. Yet somehow, in the light of a brand new day, to be with every piece of myself without holding harsh criticism of what I should have done,  without the commentary on how the other person was wrong, therefore making me right, but to just be curious and welcoming to all parts of myself, well, that feels just about right and for that I am grateful.

  1. brave work this is, my friend!

  2. wow!
    i love your raw truth.
    loves to you.

  3. the hard part is NOT telling how you were right, etc. you have class my friend! i strive to be this way. and thank you for putting it out there. love you girl!

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