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Just Who Does She Think She Is…

In Uncategorized on May 10, 2010 at 6:53 pm

This post is inspired by my lovely and courageous friend Kate (who took the photo above the day we met) and by way of introduction…

i am: standing on the brink of possibility

i think: i can do it all only to find out that i can’t (and often don’t really want to)

i know: i have gifts to give to the world

i want: to love and be loved deeply

i have: an enormous, opening heart

i dislike: when i curse at stupid drivers

i miss: my best friend

i fear: dreaming big

i feel: fear and excitement, often in equal measure

i hear: silence deeply

i smell: crisp, cool morning air

i crave: snuggling into waiting arms

i usually: have my nose in a book

i search: for deep, meaningful connection

i wonder: if i am giving enough, opening enough, sharing enough of myself with others

i regret: allowing myself to be treated less than i deserve

i love: my black keen boots

i care: more than i would like to admit

i am always: on time

i worry: that i am too much

i remember: lazy summer days feeding the ducks with my dad

i have: enough

i dance: to express my hidden side

i sing: to learn to be completely present

i don’t always: stay

i argue: when i feel i am unheard

i write: to clear my mind and begin again

i lose: myself more often than i would like to admit

i wish: i knew what happens next

i listen: before i speak

i don’t understand: people who don’t see each other

i can usually be found: in the cozy cottage

i am scared: to be open and vulnerable

i need: quiet time to fill my well

i forget: how deeply loved i truly am

i am happy: that most of my days are truly amazing

Now I invite you to share just who do you think you are.

  1. Wow – Valerie – it’s amazing how much you have expressed here in this post! I would find it challenging to do, thinking probably that my answers would be boring and uninteresting. I will think about it though. You inspire me!!

  2. this was lovely, Val. thank you for sharing–and–gosh—I LOVE the picture of you!!!
    sending a hug out to the west coast, eliz

  3. Valerie,

    I adore this list of who you are. “I don’t always stay” really tugged at my heart. Not sure why, but it did. I think I am going to have to give this a try.

  4. I think: you are cool. šŸ™‚

  5. what a beautiful post!!!

    i love all of it but this one may be my favorite…

    i have: enough.

    love you gor-juss Valerie….what a magical soul you have!


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