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In Uncategorized on April 7, 2010 at 9:20 pm

Day Seven is winding down and I made it a whole week living on green smoothies and pureed soups. I am here trying to think of a way to communicate what this mixed bag of a week filled with emotions, struggle and peaceful calm has been like. While there is so much that I feel in the moment I can find very few words just yet.

People ask why I do cleanses at the change of the seasons. Sometimes I say, I like the discipline of them (that must come from growing up in a strict military family no doubt), or I say, I like the personal challenge of them (with a healthy dose of testing my personal boundaries mixed in), or with my health counselor hat on, I say that it is good to clear out the junk and toxins from your body and that a cleanse is like hitting restart and beginning again.

If you asked me today, right now, in this moment I would confess that as challenging as this week was, I love how spending time focusing on and caring for the outside, when I was able to get quiet and still and aware, brought me inside, brought me back home to me. There was something about stripping away everything that I use as a crutch, the yummy snack foods, the mindless eating in front of the tv, the “oh it is noon it must be time for lunch” everyday habits that has brought me the most clarity I have felt in a long while.

This juice cleanse idea may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it might not be everyone’s entry into their being but I do encourage you to slow down, become quiet, still and aware and see who you find there.

I bet who you find is simply amazing!

  1. I’m glad you completed yours!

    There is something about taking the time to care for yourself, in whatever way you choose in that moment, that seems to settle you in your body more soundly.

  2. Congratulations for completing the cleanse. My cousin and I were just talking about cleansing last night. It must be such a great feeling within your body once you get through the week. I am so proud of you!

  3. i think the person i found on this blog post today is PRETTY AMAZING!
    huge hugs to beautiful cleanseful you!

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