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Turned On Its Head

In Uncategorized on March 29, 2010 at 7:47 pm

I have often found myself searching for balance in my life. I consider myself a busy urban woman so it seemed like a basic requirement for living. Having a full time job, finishing school, launching a health counseling practice, plus nurturing friendships, a social life and family ties, not to mention feeding my creativity and keeping myself well fed, and adequately exercised creates the full plate for anyone. So, balance seemed like a good idea…

That is until I read a post by Danielle at White Hot Truth and I swear my head has been swimming ever since, everything I thought I knew turned on its head all topsy turvy.

She boldly declares:

Getting “balanced” is not a remedy to stress. Passion is.

Passion. Passion? Passion!

Passion is not a word that trips easily over my tongue, yet holds such an intriguing allure. Her words resonate in my body as they urge me to refuse to be balanced, to not accept the calm and quiet seas of my past but to set sail for a “full on life” a passionate life which will be filled with peaks and valleys but ultimately a daring adventure.

As my mind rushes to process and adjust, I find my grip loosening every so slightly at the thought of reaching out for my very own daring adventure.

  1. OHHHHHH valerie…!
    i have to tell you that i squealed audibly when i read your email and INSTANTLY came here.
    i have so wanted to just sit down with you and breath in your presence since last october.
    you send out such a peace that i don.t find with most people in my life.
    i am so happy that there is a place where i can come now and “fill my valerie bucket”
    i.m going to be “passionate” today because of you.
    hugest hugs to my BEAUTIFUL friend.

  2. welcome to blogging, valerie!!!!
    and yes to this post. a wise woman finally put my heart at ease when she told me to give up the balance, that it’s impossible to be inspired to live an inspired life while achieving balance. it just doesn’t happen that way. and this post about passion vs balance reminds me of that truth.
    kelly rae

  3. That was a good post. I remember reading it and being inspired anew. I still aspire to balance, but in my mind, balance is more that I remember to take care of myself in the midst of following my passions, not that everything in my life is balanced.

    Welcome to the blogging world!

  4. you’ve got me thinkin’!
    i spend a lot of energy searching for balance…but to turn it around and think about life in terms of finding passion….love love love that. this could be a big paradigm shift!

  5. I read it and find this whole thing so thought-provoking! I gotta say, though, and maybe it’s just semantics, but I still have some kind of need for balance. For me, it’s the balance between doing and being. I love the passionate part of doing the creative stuff, but at the end of the day, I do need the being part as well and I feel it’s a kind of balance. Maybe that word has just been over-used? (or maybe I’m just getting old!)

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