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Hello world!

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The only thing left to do is to begin…

Welcome to Pieces of HER, the blog home of Valerie Tookes and HER: Holistic Health, a health counseling practice dedicated to working with women who crave a deeper, healthier relationship to the woman they see in the mirror everyday.

What do I have to share with you?

I am inspired by the words, images, ideas, recipes, stories and videos of list of amazingly talented bloggers out there. The ones that make me think, that make me feel are the ones I find myself going back to again and again and again. In the last year, as I have worked to craft a health practice that I would most like to find, there has been this voice in the back of my head, cheering me on, telling me that what I have to say, what I have to give to the world is important. That voice urges me to share pieces of myself. So with the help and encouragement of a lovely cast of characters here I am, welcoming you to my virtual home. Thanks for stopping by.

You are always welcome.

  1. i am sooo excited that you’ve created this space for yourself!

  2. I am so proud of you for creating this space. I am really looking forward to all this going to unfold here.

  3. Whoo hoo!!! Valerie, I am so happy for you on so many levels – one of which is purely selfish so that I can stay more in touch and keep tabs on what is happening in your life. Blogging has and continues to change my life in such positive ways, totally blows me away – I’m sure it will do the same for you!! Looks as though we are both stepping into some new territory at the same time. A little bit scary, but even more exciting…. So welcome, my friend – I already have you on my “following lists”!!

  4. i second what the lovely viv said….so happy i will have somewhere that i can get a little dose of you much more often!!!!

    so happy you did this!!!!


  5. wow valerie, so darn happy to see you venturing out here! your passion has been in evidence since that day in oct. on a lovely beach in oregon with so many other beautiful souls. hurray for you!!!

  6. Valerie, I found you via Chrissy’s blog and what a delight to find you. Looks like you’ve created a soft, peaceful place for people to land in the blogosphere; I love the simplicity and depth of your blog and look forward to seeing more. Blessings!

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