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Turned On Its Head

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I have often found myself searching for balance in my life. I consider myself a busy urban woman so it seemed like a basic requirement for living. Having a full time job, finishing school, launching a health counseling practice, plus nurturing friendships, a social life and family ties, not to mention feeding my creativity and keeping myself well fed, and adequately exercised creates the full plate for anyone. So, balance seemed like a good idea…

That is until I read a post by Danielle at White Hot Truth and I swear my head has been swimming ever since, everything I thought I knew turned on its head all topsy turvy.

She boldly declares:

Getting “balanced” is not a remedy to stress. Passion is.

Passion. Passion? Passion!

Passion is not a word that trips easily over my tongue, yet holds such an intriguing allure. Her words resonate in my body as they urge me to refuse to be balanced, to not accept the calm and quiet seas of my past but to set sail for a “full on life” a passionate life which will be filled with peaks and valleys but ultimately a daring adventure.

As my mind rushes to process and adjust, I find my grip loosening every so slightly at the thought of reaching out for my very own daring adventure.


Hello world!

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The only thing left to do is to begin…

Welcome to Pieces of HER, the blog home of Valerie Tookes and HER: Holistic Health, a health counseling practice dedicated to working with women who crave a deeper, healthier relationship to the woman they see in the mirror everyday.

What do I have to share with you?

I am inspired by the words, images, ideas, recipes, stories and videos of list of amazingly talented bloggers out there. The ones that make me think, that make me feel are the ones I find myself going back to again and again and again. In the last year, as I have worked to craft a health practice that I would most like to find, there has been this voice in the back of my head, cheering me on, telling me that what I have to say, what I have to give to the world is important. That voice urges me to share pieces of myself. So with the help and encouragement of a lovely cast of characters here I am, welcoming you to my virtual home. Thanks for stopping by.

You are always welcome.